Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Number snap

To practice multiplication tables is vital. Parents are very keen for their children to learn multiplication tables so any activity that aids progression is always welcome. Here is a simple game that can be adapted to suit all needs or abilities; it is particularly useful for younger ones.

Lest assume you wish to practice the three times multiplication tables, prepare 20 cards, some with the questions, some with the answers. Cut them up. I always prefer to put them on to card and make them fairly big.

The game
Each pair of pupils is issued with a set of cards. The cards are to placed face down on the table. They then take it in turns to turn up two cards, if the cards match, say 3 X 3 = and 9, then they get to keep the cards. If they don’t match then the cards are turned face down again. The game continues until there are no more cards left, the winner is the one with the most pairs of cards.

Advantages and benefits
This game is fun. It uses a multisensory approach to learning where the pupils see, here and do something connected with maths rather than being a passive observer. It also encourages collaborative learning.

An excellent book for activites and ideas is Key stage 2/3 Numeracy games by John Taylor

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